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Galaxy Cinemas

APR 23-24

Princess Cinema

APR 25-26

Christie Digital

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Schedule : World Cinema

Last Update: April 20, 2021

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Our World Cinema series offers some of the planet's best feature-length animated films.
Regions represented include: Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, United States, and France.

World Cinema


Wonderful Days

2003, 90 minutes
Dialogue: Korean | Subtitles: English | Rated 14A
[ English Site Here ]

Quick Overview - Wonderful Days

A futuristic (but very timely) story about war, humanity, environmentalism, and love.
An amazing story that will put Korea's animation industry on the map.
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Mari Iyagi

2002, 80 minutes
Dialogue: Korean | Subtitles: English | Rated PG

Quick Overview - Mari Iyagi: My Beautiful Girl, Mari

A touching story about fantasy, innocence, love, and what really matters in life.
[ Pop Up: More Info ] // The 2002 ANNECY Grand Prix winner.

Hong Kong

My Life as McDull

2001, 90 minutes
Dialogue: Cantonese | Subtitles: English | Rated PG

Quick Overview - My Life as McDull

McDull, a piglet, grows up in a world of cute animals and humans.
Delightfully funny and satirical on the surface, but complicated and acidic underneath.
[ Pop Up: More Info ] // 26th Hong Kong International Film Festival: FIPRESCI Prize


WXIII Patlabor

2002, 100 minutes
Dialogue: Japanese | Subtitles: English | Rated 18A

Quick Overview - Wasted 13 / WXIII Patlabor

A dark and moody urban mystery. Art imitates life, as special forces unit fights an incompetent Japanese government, rogue genetic research, and biological weapons.
An stylish blend of daikaiju eiga, conspiracy thriller, and science fiction.
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Princes and Princesses

2000, 70 minutes
Dialogue: French | Subtitles: English | Rated PG

Quick Overview - Princes and Princesses

With the help of a wise theatre stagehand and some magic, a boy and a girl cast themselves into the stories they create, of rulers and heroes, princes and princesses.
A delightfully postmodern look at fairy tales, and those who tell them.
[ Pop Up: More Info ] // CICFF Adult Jury Prize - Feature Film or Video - Animation 1st Prize

United States

Missing Persons + Officer Down

2001, 85 minutes
2000, 12 minutes
Dialogue: English | Subtitles: None | Rated 18A

Quick Overview - Missing Persons + Officer Down

At Coney Island's 60th Precinct, the lives of four lost souls intersect in strange ways.
An exciting cell-shaded 3-D animation.
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Princess Arete

2002, 105 minutes
Dialogue: Japanese | Subtitles: English | Rated PG

Quick Overview - Princess Arete

Deeming his daughter Arete too clever and thoughtful, the King has ordered for her to be kept inside the castle until she marries, fearing that no man would want such an inquisitive wife. To choose her husband, he orders a quest for magical artefacts, ancient remnants of long-gone wizards and witches. He who brought back the best artefact would win Arete's hand in marriage.
Then one day, a real live wizard comes and demands her hand in marriage...
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Corto Maltese

2002, 90 minutes
Dialogue: French | Subtitles: English, German | Rated 14A

Quick Overview - Corto Maltese

Against the backdrop of revolutions that have felled the Chinese and Russian empires, Corto Maltese hunts for a train loaded with the gold of the czars, and finds himself facing a lunatic with dreams of reviving imperial glories.
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