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Schedule : Retrospective: Japan

Last Update: Apr 20 2003

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Japan produces more hours of animation than the rest of the world combined. Consequently, Japan has a massive pool of talented animators, studios, and writers who, together, produce some of the planet's finest animation.

Here, in our Retrospective: Japan series, we explore some of the more memorable feature-length films to come out of Japan in recent (and no so recent) years.

Retrospective: Japan


Escaflowne: A Girl in Gaea

2000, 90 minutes
Dialogue: Japanese | Subtitles: English | Rated 14A

Quick Overview - Escaflowne: A Girl in Gaea

Hitomi, a troubled girl on the verge of suicide, is summoned to Gaea - a war torn world where the Earth and the Moon hang in the sky. There, she must fulfill the prophecy of the Wing Goddess and bring an end to the feud between the dragon clans. A retelling of the epic fantasy television series, Visions of Escaflowne.


Laputa: Castle in the Sky

1986, 124 minutes
Dialogue: Japanese | Subtitles: English | Rated PG

Quick Overview - Laputa: Castle in the Sky

A stone, a girl, an ancient civilisation, air pirates, and a military empire. A classic film.

One of Miyazaki's masterpieces, which many fans consider to be second only to Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. Now, finally on the big screen in North America.


Revolutionary Girl Utena

2001, 87 minutes
Dialogue: Japanese | Subtitles: English | Rated 18A

Quick Overview - The Adolescence of Utena

A stylish retelling of the popular anime TV series. From metaphysical to downright weird at times - but never uninteresting, and with a deft surreal touch rarely attempted in any film, and gorgeous visuals.
[ Encyclopedia | TV series info ]


Perfect Blue

1997, 75 minutes
Dialogue: TBA | Subtitles: TBA | Rated 18A

Quick Overview - Perfect Blue

Mima, part of an up-and-coming idol band, decides to quit her budding singing career to pursue acting. But, the world of filmmaking has a dark side, and one of her singing fans has no intention of letting her do anything but sing...

The surprise of the inaugural Montreal Fant-Asia, which took the anime world by storm.