Jensen & Jensen

Craig Frank | Denmark, 2011 | 80 min | Suitable for Family | 35mm | Danish with English subtitles
Saturday November 17, 2021 - 4:45pm

It is the year 2019.  The financial crisis rages on, and the world has crumbled.  Unemployment, inflation and crime are all soaring.  In Copenhagen, bikers have taken over the tasks of the police, everybody is in debt to their eyeballs, and the country is now run by a bank.  What are a couple of brothers to do except to try their hand at bounty-hunting?  Neither smart, strong nor brave, the Jensen brothers will have to face bloodthirsty creditors, crazy CIA agents, gun-toting vandals from the Vatican and a very affectionate goat in their hunt for one of the most-wanted criminals in Europe - the evil Milo, who schemes to control the world’s finances and to burn Denmark to the ground.

JENSEN & JENSEN is a take-no-prisoners and cross-all-lines satire reminiscent of FREE JIMMY (WFAC 2007 selection).  Gross, sharp, absurd, and madly funny, the film is the latest in a growing set of edgy animated features from Denmark that are developing

About Craig Frank

Craig Frank was born in the U.S. in 1961, and graduated from Columbia College. The seed for his animation talent was sown at A. Film where he worked for ten years in creating commercials.  It was also A. Film that produced his feature film debut, the massive success JOURNEY TO SATURN. In 2008, Craig Frank founded his own production company, Frank Productions.


All rights reserved (c) 2011, Frank Productions

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