Heart String Marionette

M Dot Strange | U.S.A. / Iceland, 2012 | 121 min | Rated R | HD | English
Saturday November 17, 2021 - 11:30pm

A samurai marionette fights for love and hate against a warlord and an evil clown who have turned the world into a never-ending cyberpunk nightmare filled with horrible monsters.

HEART STRING MARIONETTE is the second film by the utterly independent director (or self-styled Uberector) M Dot Strange. Uninterested in what is common, M Dot Strange reaches further towards the fringe than his first film WE ARE THE STRANGE (WFAC 2008 Selection), exploring many angles of philosophical and artistic influences - in a sense, what created all of the selves that together form what he is today.  The film is the cinematic equivalent of hardcore or punk music - independent, raucous on the outside, thoughtful on the inside. Made in collaboration with musician and friend Endika, who composed and played the completely original soundtrack, the film was completely self-financed, with voice talent lent by several indie musicians including JP Anderson and Jimmy Urine (Mindless Self Indulgence). Five years in the making, HEART STRING MARIONETTE is a shining example of personal storytelling.

About M Dot Strange

With a love for 8-bit videogames and stop-motion animation, the San Jose-based M dot has been honing his bizarre brand of stories since the 90′s.  An electronic musician, rapper and animator, M dot made the Internet his film school, studio, distributor and publicity engine, featured multiple times on the front page of YouTube. M dot is determined to push the boundaries of what one single person can do in cinematic animation, and is already hard at work on his next film.


All rights reserved (c) 2012, M Dot Strange Productions

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