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WFAC Announces Full Programme for 2006 Animation Festival




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Joseph C. Chen, Curator Waterloo Festival for Animated Cinema (WFAC) Phone: +1 (519) 404-8468 Email:

WFAC Announces Full Programme for 2006 Animation Festival Selections include eleven Canadian, North American and world premieres

WATERLOO, ON – The Waterloo Festival for Animated Cinema (WFAC) is pleased to announce the full programme that will be featured at its upcoming film festival, to be held November 16th-19th, 2006 at The Gig Theatre (the Hyland Cinema) in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

In addition to the ten films previously announced, the 2006 Festival is excited to present three additional films making their North American premieres in the World Cinema programme: the highly-acclaimed Japanese drama Toki o Kakeru Shoujo (“The Girl Who Leapt Through Time” – Mamoru Hosoda, Japan, 2006), the heart-wrenching tale of a girl who has gained the power to travel through time; Dobrynia Nikitich i Zmei Gorynych (“Dobrynia Nikitich and the Serpent Gorynych” – Ilya Maximov, Russia, 2006), an old Russian folk tale about a hero’s quest to save a princess from the dragon that has kidnapped her; and the first Thai 3D animated feature film Khan Kluay (Kompin Kemgumnird, Thailand, 2006), the story of a young elephant who sets out into the world looking for his father, and finds his destiny intertwined with a young prince fighting for the independence of his homeland.

Announced for this year’s Tidbits programme – a programme that celebrates animation by small teams or a single animator - Hoshizora Kiseki (“A Miracle from the Stars” – Toshizaku Matsubara / Akio Watanabe, Japan, 2006); Hanare Toride no Yonna (“Yonna in the Solitary Fortress” – Kengo Takeuchi, Japan, 2006), from one of the creators of Final Fantasy; Negadon (Jun Awazu, Japan, 2005), a Godzilla-style romp; the North American premiere of The Legend of Shangri-La (Chen Ming, China, 2006), a beautiful rendering of famed Chinese poet Tao Yuanming’s Tao Hua Yuan Ji (“Peach Blossom Garden”); and the world premiere of Mianhada, Saranghanda (“Sorry, I Love You” – South Korea, 2006), the tragic love story of a small-time thug whose life is changed forever when he bumps into a girl during one of his cons.

Also in the Tidbits programme is Christiane Cegavske’s haunting Blood Tea and Red String, a stop-motion feature animation that was thirteen years in the making, solo.

In the Speaker series, director Michael Nguyen returns to Waterloo to share his love of animation in a special 150-minute presentation titled The Root of Traditional Animation: a look at how its spirit transforms its techniques. This special presentation is open to the public.

Combined with the ten previously announced films, the 2006 edition of the Waterloo Festival will be showcasing one world premiere, six North American premieres, and four Canadian premieres.

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Joseph C. Chen, Curator Waterloo Festival for Animated Cinema (WFAC) Phone: +1 (519) 404-8468 Email:

About the Festival

The Waterloo Festival for Animated Cinema (WFAC) is a film festival for animated feature films, founded to promote appreciation for animation as a narrative medium for mature cinematic storytelling, and to review and celebrate animated feature films in the venue they were meant to be seen in: a theatre. The 2006 Festival consists of four programmes: World Cinema, Retrospectives, Speaker Series, and Tidbits. The World Cinema programme features contemporary feature films from around the world. The Retrospectives programme looks back at films of a certain theme or artistry, which have contributed to the films of today. The Speaker Series offer an opportunity for the public to learn about the artistry of animation. Last but not least, the Tidbits programme features films from small creative teams challenging the limits of what can be accomplished, to tell the stories they want to tell. WFAC 2006 will be running November 16th-19th at The Gig theatre (the Hyland Cinema), 30 Duke Street, Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

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