2009 Festival lineup announced!

posted by Joseph C. Chen on

The Waterloo Festival is thrilled to announce the lineup of the 2009 edition of the only film festival in the world dedicated to feature animation. The lineup includes a number of thrilling discoveries and major motion pictures from around the world making their first appearance in North America, in glorious 35mm and HD on the silver screen.

Art film lovers will be thrilled by a selection of hidden gems in the World Cinema programme, beginning with the 2009 Annecy Cristal Grand Prix-winning Mary and Max, about two unlikely penpal friends from two different continents, one blossoming into adulthood as the other crosses into the winter days of his life.

Art film lovers will also enjoy the 2009 Retrospectives programme, where our journey through the history of animation takes us to the storied past of the U.S.S.R., with very rare screenings of films from as early as 1941 by Russian animation masters working behind the Iron Curtain: Laughter and Grief by the White Sea, The Little Tiger on the Sunflower, The Lost Letter, The Stolen Sun, The Elephant and the Pug, and The Cat Who Walked by Herself.

For kids young and old, we have several extraordinary films, including the Irish adventure Brendan and the Secret of Kells, a stunning adventure about a young boy who must join forces with an unlikely ally to help a group of monks complete the Book of Kells and save their abbey from invading Vikings; the Russian children’s sci-fi Alisa’s Birthday, about a young girl whose destiny lies in the past; and Fedot the Hunter, whom is ordered by his Czar to accomplish increasingly unbelievable tasks so that the Czar might steal Fedot’s beautiful new bride.

Fans of films after dark… real dark… will be thrilled by Boogie, el aceitoso from Argentina, adapted from the long-running popular comic by Fontanarrosa, about a mysogynistic, sadistic assassin who follows only his own rules in a dark immoral world; Panique au Village, an adult stop-motion animated Toy Story on LSD; and L.A. Dolce Vita, a film about the pursuit of the American Dream, by the Emmy Award-winning creator of The Simpsons.

Last but definitely not least, anime fans will be treated to the spectacle of several films making their premiere screenings at the Waterloo Festival: First Squad: the Moment of Truth, a Canadian-Japanese-Russian coproduction by Studio 4C, the auteur studio responsible for incredible films such as Genius Party and Mind Game featured at previous Waterloo Festivals; Musashi: the Dream of the Last Samurai, a biopic from the master Mamoru Oshii (Ghost In The Shell) that explores the life of the legendary Japanese swordsman who was never defeated in combat, and who penned the masterpiece on military strategy named The Book of Five Rings; and Evangelion 2.0: You Shall (Not) Advance, the continuation of the epic saga that began at the Waterloo Festival in 2008.

The complete festival schedule and film guide (the Films tab on this page) is online, where you can find trailers, images and film details on each individual film, and to purchase tickets at our online box office.

We hope to see you November 19-22 for four days of incredible cinema at the Gig Theatre!