Closing WFAC 2010... onto WFAC 2011!

posted by Joseph C. Chen on

The grand celebration of animation at the 2010 Festival would not have been possible without the help and the encouragement of many in our community, too numerous to list completely; but of special note include

Christie Digital, for the provision of the 2K digital projector that enabled all of our video/HD projection;

Doremi, for the provision of the servers that enabled the D-Cinema presentation of Garri Bardin’s superb “The Ugly Duckling”;

The City of Kitchener, for enabling connections to new and exciting potential partnerships in 2011 and beyond;

The Downtown Kitchener BIA, for their enthusiastic support;

Netflash, for the optical fibre Internet connection made on the fly;

Alan Waugh and Em Johnson, for holding the fort through thick and thin;

The Little Bean Coffee Bar, for the wonderful snacks and foods through the entire Festival, including the Gala;

The Club That Really Likes Anime (CTRL-A), for their enthusiastic support and deeply-appreciated technical assistance when it was needed the most;

Our audience, for your support and your dedication; and

Brent Green, Donna K, Garri Bardin, Ishiyama-san and Ito-san, and each and every artist, studio and production company represented in the 2010 Festival. Your work lit up our world for four days, and our lives are all a little bit richer for it. Thank you.

Mark your calendars: the 2011 Festival will be running November 17-20, 2011!