Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then - rescheduled

posted by Joseph C. Chen on

To all of our fans who came out to yesterday’s Gala opening: we let you down.

Due to technical difficulties, we were unable to bring to you this wondrous performance.

We’re determined to make it up to you.

Due to some of the musicians having commitments elsewhere, we don’t want to bring to you a diluted experience of what you caught a glimpse of yesterday.

We will schedule a screening only of the film, with the recorded soundtrack, on Friday November 19 at 11:30pm, in place of the currently scheduled film, Goodbye Mr. Christie.

The cast and crew will be present to take Q&A.

Goodbye Mr. Christie will be rescheduled to Saturday November 20 at 11:30pm. Oh yes, this is one serious Midnight Madness film!

All gala ticketholders and passholders will receive two general admission tickets each, to attend the rescheduled screening and/or any other films at the Festival, to share with friends and family with our compliments.

We will bring the entire gang back to do the film and the performance in the new year. More details to come. Gala ticketholders and passholders will receive free admission to this event.

Gala ticketholders also have the option of a refund, with our apologies.

We thank you, the audience, for your support and your understanding. We built the Festival for you. We will strive even harder towards the excellence that you and the artists deserve, who bring their incredible work to our Festival.