Director to speak on the Future of Animation, Filmmaking and Cross-Media Opportunities!

posted by Joseph C. Chen on

Bring Your Vision To The Screen!

Animator and CG Artist Ben Steele (director of WFAC 2005 film Fragile Machine) returns to give an inspiring lecture on the future of computer animation. What are the fundamental ingredients to successful animated film storytelling? What pivotal role will animation play over the course of rapid technological advancements throughout the next decade and beyond?

Animation is at a crossroads, where parallel storytelling mediums spawn new creative universes with the potential to unleash an entire generation of new media forms as yet unimagined by society at large. How can indie animators best bring their ideas to life across diverse media including film, games, television and the web? What new technologies are fundamentally changing the way animation is produced and experienced?

Ben’s insights come first-hand from five years of production on his upcoming feature film Kitaru. His presentation will include never before seen Kitaru footage, behind-the-scenes tips for any aspiring filmmaker on how to Bring Your Vision to the Screen, an audience Q&A and free gifts for attendees.

The lecture will take place at the Festival theatre at 10:00am on Sunday, November 21st.

Ben Steele is the founder of the cross-media initiative aoineko, based in Phoenix, Arizona. He is currently creating his first feature-length film, Kitaru, which is but one facet of an entire stable of multimedia properties spanning the Kitaru story universe.