The 2005 Festival consists of three programmes: World Cinema, Retrospectives, and Tidbits. The World Cinema programme features contemporary feature films from around the world. The Retrospectives programme looks back at films of a certain theme or artistry, which have contributed to the films of today. Last but not least, the Tidbits programme will feature films from small creative teams challenging the limits of what can be accomplished, to tell the stories they want to tell.

World Cinema

  • Alosha Popovich i Tugarin Zmey
    Konstantin Bronzit
    (Russia, 2005)
    76 minutes
  • Frank and Wendy
    Kaspar Jancis
    (Estonia, 2005)
    75 minutes 21 seconds
  • Mind Game
    Yuasa Masaaki
    Studio 4°C
    (Japan, 2004)
    104 minutes
  • Nyócker!
    Aron Gauder
    Lichthof Productions
    (Hungary, 2005)
    88 minutes
  • Strings
    Anders Rønnow Klarlund
    Bald Film
    (Denmark, U.K., 2004)
    91 minutes
  • Terkel i Knibe
    S. Fjeldmark, T. Christoffersen, K.V. Andersen
    Nordisk Film / Danish Film Institute
    (Denmark, 2004)
    78 minutes