A procession passing by a grave yard
Film Name Fimfárum 2
Programme World Cinema
Director Jan Balej / Vlasta Pospíšilová / Aurel Klimt / Bretislav Pojar
Production MAUR Film
Country Czech Republic
Year 2006
Runtime 90
Film rating G


North American premiere

Sat. Nov. 18, 16:30, The Gig Theatre

Do you know what a fimfárum (phim-pha-rum) is? A fimfárum is a magic cane, the only one in the world! However, it is also the name of a book full of gentle fairytales about various human weaknesses and virtues. In short, it is an encyclopedia of stories, which happen from time to time, every other day, even some very, very peculiar ones.

Curator's notes:

Fimfárum 2 is a visual delight, full of rich, down-to-earth atmosphere and crafty cleverness that make Bavarian fables so universally enjoyable. In the Czech tradition, the stop-motion clay and puppet animation beautifully caricatures human follies and absurdities, while delivering great gags without being condescending – an all-too-common fault with most comedies, especially those meant for children. Jan Werich had meant his book Fimfárum (from which the stories of the film are taken) to be “for small children and clever adults”; it is a credit to the film's directors that the film has the same feel.