Film Name Flatland
Programme World Cinema
Director Ladd Ehlinger Jr.
Production self
Country U.S.A.
Year 2007
Runtime 90
Film rating PG


Playing Saturday November 17th, 6:30pm. Director Ladd Ehlinger Jr. will be in attendance for the screening and Q&A.

You can see this film for free at Internet resolution from your own computer! You will need a 512kbps or so download connection. Scroll to the bottom of this page!

Based on the 1884 novel by mathematician Edwin A. Abbott.

Flatland is a two-dimensional universe occupied by living geometric figures - squares, triangles, circles, etc. A Square, Attorney At Law, finds himself in the middle of two upheavals: the rise of martial law by the circular leadership of Flatland, and the arrival of A Sphere, CEO Of Messiah, Incorporated, a creature from a hitherto-unknown third dimensional world.

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