Film Name 5 Centimeters Per Second
Programme Tidbits
Director Shinkai Makoto
Production Shinkai Makoto / CoMix Wave Productions
Country Japan
Year 2007
Runtime 66
Film rating PG


Playing in Tidbits 1, Thursday November 15th, 9pm

To fans of Japanese anime, Shinkai Makoto likely needs little introduction. Shinkai made a splash debut with his self-animated, written, produced and directed Voices of a Distant Star (premiered WFAC 2003) with nothing more than a home computer, a stunning vision and a great script. Now, he brings us his first full-length feature film.

An anthology in three parts, the story is set in three different periods of the life of young Takaki Touno, a young man growing up in Japan, and the relationship between him and his close friend Akari Shinohara that came to define him.