Negadon montage
Film Name Wakusei Kaiju Negadon ("Negadon: The Monster From Mars")(Tidbits 1)
Programme Tidbits
Director Jun Awazu
Production Comix Wave
Country Japan
Year 2005
Runtime 40
Film rating PG


Sat. Nov. 18, 12:30, The Gig Theatre

In the year 2025 A.D., humanity has spread to Mars. One day, a ship returning from Mars crashes in Japan, and awakens its payload: the sleeping monster Negadon. Now, a robotics expert must rise up to the challenge of building a machine to defeat Negadon!

Curator’s notes:

Negadon is available on DVD in North America, which ordinarily would immediately disqualify it from WFAC. However, it is an excellent example of dedication and CoMix Wave sensibilities, and we’re pleased to include it in the Tidbits 1 showcase – and screen it with much better than DVD quality.

The technology is very similar to what was deployed in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow – except in this case, it didn't take a couple of hundred people, just a few dedicated fans of the kaiju (monster) films of yesteryear. Thank you for this wonderful new cheese; it is absolutely delicious.

(c) Jun Awazu / CoMix Wave - all rights reserved