Film Name Dobrynia Nikitich i Zmei Gorynych ("Dobrynia Nikitich and the Serpent Gorynych")
Programme World Cinema
Director Ilya Maximov
Production Melnitsa Studio
Country Russia
Year 2006
Runtime 70
Film rating G


North American premiere

Sun. Nov. 19, 13:30, The Gig Theatre

The hero of the nation Dobrynia and the messenger Elisei, who is madly in love with the princess Zabava, set off on a grand adventure to save her from the dragon who has kidnapped her. Based on the Russian folk tale.

Curator’s notes:

The second of Melnitsa Studio’s planned “3 bogatyria” trilogy of animated feature films based on Russian folktales – the first of which was Konstantin Bronzit’s Alesha Popovich I Togarin Zmei (seen at WFAC 2005) – Dobrynia Nikitich is a capable film that carries on the studio’s traditional Disney-like animation, with a light pop twist. Director Ilya Maximov, whose earlier work Karlik Nos (“Little Longnose”) was also featured at WFAC in 2004, has given us another enjoyable work, for both the little kids as well as the big kids. Now, if only the villains of the film could get a spanking…!