girl slouching with bracelet
Film Name Hoshizora Kiseki (A Miracle from the Stars)(Tidbits 1)
Programme Tidbits
Director Toshizaku Matsubara, Akio Watanabe
Production Comix Wave
Country Japan
Year 2006
Runtime 30
Film rating PG


Sat. Nov. 18, 12:30, The Gig Theatre

A girl who hears the voice of a boy, seemingly talking to her through her bracelet, sets out looking for a falling star, in hopes of meeting him. But there are others who are also looking for the same thing, for darker purposes.

Curator’s notes:

In the Tidbits 1 programme, which celebrates CoMix Wave’s support of independent anime producers like now-famous Makoto Shinkai (Hoshi no Koe, or Voices of a Distant Star; and Kumou no Mukou, Yakusoku no Bashou, or A Place Promised in Our Early Days), Hoshizora Kiseki is the one which most closely recalls Shinkai’s work artistically. Beautifully rendered digital 2D cel animation, young romance, wonderful character design. Where Shinkai’s films and this one differ slightly is the story treatment; this film feels, for lack of a better word, a bit too anime-ish. It is nonetheless an impressive accomplishment, and we look forward to more storytellers of this vein.

Hoshizora (c) 119-CoMix Wave / D.I.C. - all rights reserved