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Film Name Hanare Toride no Yonna ("Yonna in the Solitary Fortress")(Tidbits 1)
Programme Tidbits
Director Kengo Takeuchi
Production CoMix Wave
Country Japan
Year 2006
Runtime 34
Film rating PG


Sat. Nov. 18, 12:30, The Gig Theatre

Ever since she was young, Yonna and Stan have been social outcasts, mistrusted because of Yonna’s magical abilities; and so, they’ve lived alone in a castle far away from those who would persecute them. Now the Imperial government has sent in an agent to bring her in, so that they may use her powers; and there are others with their own plans…

Curator’s notes:

Another part of the Tidbits 1 programme for CoMix Wave projects, Yonna is recognisably in the Final Fantasy tradition. Scant surprise; director Kengo Takeuchi is a Final Fantasy veteran, both games and films. It should then be scant surprise that Yonna has the same beauty and the same faults as that franchise, most notably a certain time compression, and a plot that is denser than it is profound. However, it is so exciting to see one man make a 34-minute Final Fantasy, and with a little polish, Takeuchi’s next work will be even more spectacular.

Yonna (c) Kengo Takeuchi / CoMix Wave - all rights reserved