man and woman standing with back against wall
Film Name Mianhada, Saranghanda (Sorry, I Love You)(Tidbits 2)
Programme Tidbits
Production G&G Production Co. Ltd.
Country South Korea
Year 2006
Runtime 30
Film rating AA


World premiere

Sun. Nov. 19, 15:30, The Gig Theatre

A small-time thug, who ran away from his foster parents as a child, bumps into a gentle girl during one of his cons – and their lives are changed forever.

Curator’s notes:

Mianhada, Saranghanda was an extraordinarily popular 2004 live-action Korean drama, and stands as one of the great examples of the genre. Dramas in Asia – the equivalent of our soap operas – generally end in one season of between 12-22 episodes, and are generally characterised by an utter lack of pity for the emotional (and quite often, the physical) welfare of the protagonists; Korean dramas, especially so. The 2006 animation tells the tragic tale of a man caught between revenge and love, and fills out the original story, which left too many questions unanswered. K-drama, melodrama and anime fans, this one is for you.

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