Mike Nguyen
Film Name The Root of Traditional Animation: a look at how its spirit transforms its techniques
Programme Speaker Series
Director Michael Nguyen, July Films
Country -
Year 2006
Runtime 150
Film rating All ages


Sun. Nov. 19, 10:00, WFAC (Button Factory) in Waterloo

This presentation is open to the public.

This presentation will offer insight into how animated drawings come to life, with various video clips and actual animation demos. It will also focus on how the need to communicate shapes its techniques and principles. Basic animation mechanics in relation to physical and emotional forces will be explored; also, a look at its survival in the ever-changing technological advances of computers as a tool.

A compilation of personal films by the artists that have contributed to the making of My Little World will be showcased.

Complimentary refreshments served by A Matter of Taste, Kitchener.