white robed figures surrounding tree
Film Name Shisha no Sho (Book of the Dead)
Programme World Cinema
Director Kawamoto Kihachiro
Production Imagica, Dentsu
Country Japan
Year 2005
Runtime 70
Film rating AA


Thurs. Nov. 16, 21:00, The Gig Theatre

The Nara period in Japan: Buddhism has recently been imported from China and is all the rage amongst the nobility. A young noblewoman named Iratsume fell into a trance after copying Buddhist sutras, and walks to a remote temple that women are forbidden to enter. There she stirs up the ghost of Prince Otsu, who was executed many years before in a court intrigue. Prince Otsu mistakes Iratsume for one of her ancestors, who was the last person the Prince saw before he died, and his ghost cannot rest while her face haunts his sleep…

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