pilots sitting near mecha
Film Name Robotech: the Shadow Chronicles
Programme World Cinema
Director Dong-Wook Lee / Tommy Yune
Production DR Movie
Country USA / Japan / South Korea
Year 2006
Runtime 88
Film rating PG


Sat. Nov. 18, 21:30, The Gig Theatre

Long-anticipated by science fiction and anime fans, "Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles" is the cinematic sequel to the cult-hit TV series "Robotech." Blending 2D and cel-shaded 3D animation, the film picks up where the series' last episode left off: the Robotech Expeditionary Force continues to search the galaxy for Admiral Rick Hunter and his flagship, the SDF-3. However, somewhere in the infinite darkness of space, a new enemy awaits...

Curator’s notes:

For most anime fans, Robotech needs no introduction. This is a moment that every boy and girl who ever soared in the clouds with the Valkyries, the Alphas and the Betas, and who ever dreamed of riding Scott’s motorcycle has been waiting for. The film’s greatest strength – and weakness – is that it is made for them. The wondrous imagery and the revelations of dark plots seem expressly made for the Robotech club. Those less versed in Robotech lore may not fully appreciate its subtleties, but it should not prove a bar to appreciating what made Robotech such a phenomenon. We hope you enjoy the ride!