Leonid Nosyrev
Russian language dialogue with English subtitles
10 minutes
TBD format

14:30, Saturday November 21, 2021
Screened as part of Retrospective I
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When he was 5 years old, Valentin Postnikov drew a little tiger on a sunflower. Submitted by his father to an art exhibition sponsored by a Soviet children’s magazine, the drawing won first place and inspired the famous Russian children’s writer Yuriy Koval to write a story about it. A year after that, the story was adapted into a beautiful short animated film by director Leonid Nosyrev.

In the Siberian Far East, by the river Ussuri on the very border with China, where the Moon Bears live, where the noble Red Deer bugle, treads the Amba - the Ussurian Tiger. But life for a little tiger in the harsh Siberian winter is not easy. Left with no shelter in the midst of a great winter storm, the little tiger burrows down into the snow and falls asleep beside a forsaken sunflower seed…