Ludmilla Steblyanko
Melnitsa Studios
Russian language dialogue with English subtitles
90 minutes
TBD format

12:30, Saturday November 21, 2021

Fedot, the Czar’s strelets (a royal hunter) is ordered to shoot some game for the Royal Dinner, which is to be attended by the English Ambassador, the suitor of the Czar’s daughter. Fedot cannot find any game but by chance stumbles upon a dove. As he takes aim, the Dove transforms into the beautiful maid Marusia who uses her magical power to save Fedot from death by filling the Czar’s table with sumptuous food. And Fedot marries Marusia.

When the Czar finds out about Fedot’s beautiful new bride, he plans to take her for himself by ordering Fedot to complete a series of labours under pain of death, each one more incredulous than the last. What follows is an exciting, comical and magical journey. Will the Czar steal Marusia from Fedot? Will the General escape the wrath of the Czar and the clutches of the local Baba Yaga?

OFFICIAL SELECTION, 2009 Russian Resurrection Film Festival