Mamoru Hosoda
Japanese with English subtitles
114 minutes
HD format
15:30, Sunday November 21, 2021

Kenji, an intellectually-gifted but socially-awkward boy, is invited by a girl named Natsuki from school to her grandmother’s 90th birthday party… and finds out when he arrives, that he is supposed to masquerade as her fiancé in front of her huge extended family.

In other news, a hacker cracks the virtual-reality social network known as OZ, and frames Kenji as the culprit. As the hacker gradually takes control over OZ and the information it contains about its users in the real world, the real and virtual worlds begin to collide, and it is up to Kenji and Natsuki’s entire clan to beat the hacker and save the two worlds.

An outrageously imaginative sci-fi, Hosoda’s second film cements his reputation as a force to be reckoned with in Japanese animation.