WFAC - Waterloo Festival For Animated Cinema 2004 - October 27 - 30, 2004

Karlik Nos

Little Longnose

2003 - Russia - 82 mins
Russian language dialogue with English subtitles
Rated G (Suitable for all ages)
© 2003, Melnitsa Animation Studio
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Ilya Maximov


CTB Film Company, Melnitsa Animation Studio


Based on the classic fairy tales of Wilhelm Hauff.

An evil witch needs Jacob, the kind-hearted shoemaker's son, in order to carry out her sinister plans. When Jacob refuses, the witch takes away seven years of his life and turns him into an ugly dwarf. The witch is sure that this misfortune will be too much for Jacob to bear and that he will give in and help her.

With seven years gone, Jacob returns to his home as a dwarf but nothing is the same. His father has died from grief and even his own mother can't recognize him. The people of the town mock him and drive him away. Jacob does not know what to do.

And then one day while running away from his persecutors, Jacob saves the life of a goose. But this is not an ordinary goose, it is the King's daughter Princess Greta, who was kidnapped and put under a spell when she discovered the witch in the royal palace stealing the secret she needs to take over the kingdom.

Jacob and the Princess join together to get back to their families and stop the witch's sinister plan.

Profile: Director Ilya Maximov

Ilya Maximov graduated from the St. Petersburg Institute of Architecture with a degree in architecture in 1993. He worked for a year as a professional architect before becoming an animator at the Russian branch of Capitol Multimedia Inc. Ilya soon became a lead animator at the company on their productions of Magic Tales, Imo and the King, Baba Yaga and the Magic Geese, and Bodyslam. He went onto work as an animator and character designer at the studio of Rinat Gazizov as well as an illustrator at the World of Children Publishing House.

In 1997, Maximov began his work as a director of animation for Melnitsa Animation. He has directed several projects for Melnitsa including the animated serial Technology for Poseidon Films, U.K., episodes 3 and 4 of Adventures in the Emerald City and Melnitsa's first full-length animated feature, Little Longnose.

Festival participation

UNIFILM'2003, International Children Film Festival, Russia - Grand Prix
ANIMAEVKA'2003, International Animated Film Festival, White Russia - Grand Prix
KROK Int. Animated Film Festival, Ukraine, 2003 KINDERFILMFEST HAMBURG, International Children Film Festival, Germany - Special Prize of Children Jury
"OKNO V EVROPU", Russian Film Festival, Russia- Best Animation
KINOSHOCK International Film Festival, Russia - Special Prize of Children Jury
"NADEZHDA" International Children Film Festival, Russia - Grand Prix of Children Jury
2e INTERNATIONAL FF FOR CHILDREN AND YOUTH, Argentina, 2003 - Audience Award
CINEME, U.S.A., 2003
CARDIFF, U.K., 2003
Oulu Internatioanal FF, Finland, 2003
PISANIMA, Italy, 2003
Montreal Int. Children FF, Canada, 2004
Bimini, Latvia, 2004
Kristiansand Children's Film Festival, Norway, 2004
Malmo International Children and Young People's Film festival, Malmo, Sweden, 2004
Anifest Trebon, Czech Republic, 2004
TIAF, Taiwan, 2004
Alekino!, Poland, 2004
Sprockets, Canada, 2004
2nd Istanbul International Children Film Festival, Turkey, 2004
Zlin International Film Festival for Children, Czech Republic, 2004

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