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The Waterloo Festival is a completely volunteer-driven organisation, and every bit of resource is dedicated to promoting the artistry and industry of the films that we love. If you love film and want to help out, we can always use an extra pair of hands!

Please contact us by filling out the contact form below, and we will get back to you.

Here are a few ways that everyone can help with:

    Word of mouth is incredibly important to us! Please tell your friends and family if you’re excited about what the Festival has to offer, and encourage them to come and check us out.
    Join our communities on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. There’s so many incredible things happening in the world of animation, we’d love to hear about what you think is cool.
    Please share any news about the Festival that you find interesting via your social networks!
    If you’re an animator, visual artist, musician, film buff, or someone who simply loves art - and who’d like to teach others who’d love to learn about the art you love - please contact us!

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