WFAC - Waterloo Festival For Animated Cinema 2004 - October 27 - 30, 2004

meme self duplicator

2004 - Japan - 9'30"
Japanese language dialogue with English subtitles






A robot named meme begins to yearn for something she cannot have: a child.

A message from the director

The main theme in my work is "life." There are many problems of global scale that our world faces today, such as the destruction of the environment, terrorism, and war. However, what we must never forget is that that the question which we must answer for in our lives, is Life itself.

Life is the genesis of all of us, because it is the universe itself. We must never forget its importance. I feel joy to have touched on its significance, and the importance of existence, in the course of my work.

While living amongst humans, the robot meme feels a yearning to bear a man's child. In order to do so, she is going to search for what she is missing... and she will come to learn about love.

Profile: Yamazaki Youhei

Mr. Yamazaki entered Visual Concept Planning Department at the Osaka University of Arts in 1998, to become a composer of animation. Learned basics of films and recording. In 2001, collaborated on the project Warawa no Kazamichi (trans. "Children's Wind Trail") as Artistic Designer (Sakuga). Warawa no Kazamichi was later nominated to the Indies Movie Festival (Cinetlive), 2001 Planet+1.

In 2002, Mr. Yamazaki entered graduate school of the Design Arts (Division 3) at the Osaka University of Arts, where he learned how to produce manga under the supervision of Prof. KAZUO Koike, who is well-known as the creator of Kozure Oukami. In 2003, Mr. Yamazaki presented Septic Tank to the manga weekly "Kawanami Bungei Manga Version". He also joined the Deai @ Tenrankai (Meet @ Exhibition) project as one of its planners, and presented the manga meme self duplicate. The festival took place at Kansai International Airport. In 2004, he presented meme self duplicate in "Kawanami Bungei Manga Version" vol. 3, New Year Term. In April, he produced the animation meme self duplicator based on his work from meme self duplicate.

Currently, Mr. Yamazaki is actively involved in manga and animation production.

Festival participation

16th DoGA CGA Contest, Japan, 2004 - Gaiden prize

World Sales Agent