WFAC - Waterloo Festival For Animated Cinema 2004 - October 27 - 30, 2004

Makdau - boloyau wongchi

McDull, Prince de la Bun

2004 - Hong Kong - 73 mins - Canadian premiere
Cantonese language dialogue with English subtitles
Rated G (Suitable for all ages)
© 2004, Bliss Entertainment


Toe Yuen


Bliss Picture Ltd.


The good days at Spring Flower Kindergarten are coming to an end. The city is decaying; the neighbourhood is in shambles. But, all is not lost: once the re-development begins, there will be compensation money from the government for the kindergarten, and for Mrs. McBing and her son McDull.

There are other things to worry about, though... and between trying to make ends meet, curing McDull of a compulsive leg shake, and planning for the future, Mrs. McBing begins to tell McDull a story she was writing. It was the story of the Prince de la Bun, a stupid little prince who left his palace, lost his way, and somehow became convinced that he had become a common, humble man, happy with his place in life. Then one day, he discovers he wasn't...

This is how McDull comes to learn about his father.


The sequel to the award-winning My Life as McDull (presented at WFAC 2003), director Toe Yuen once again paints a picture of Hong Kong life as it really is, and as it really was. McDull, Prince de la Bun continues the story of the little piglet McDull with cleverly crafted humour and sarcasm. Weaved through the narrative is a cutting look at real Hong Kong life, a unique mixture that made the first film so memorable. However, the zest for life that pervades the first film is accompanied in the second film by a sometimes oppressive sense of helplessness, of a struggle against a greater will. Prince de la Bun projects a powerful angst, which perhaps reflects a deep and private disappointment with the life it depicts - a private feeling shared with the audience of the world. Yet, the film also projects the same fierce independence of the first film, and makes the viewing a wonderful experience.

Profile: Director Toe Yuen

Toe Yuen graduated from the Communication Department of Baptist College, majoring in Film. He has been a chief editor of comics magazines, scriptwriter, special effects and computer animator, and toy and figure designer.

He has directed the TV series of McMug Animation since 1997.

Other animation shorts: Explanations (1995), and Foulball (1996).

In 2001, he directed his first animated feature film, My Life as McDull, which went on to win the Cristal for Best Feature Film at Annecy in 2003. McDull, Prince de la Bun is his second film.

A note from the producer and author

McDull, Prince de la Bun set out as a very simple story - the adventure of an innocent Prince, something like Voltaire's Candide. But, in the midway, the little Prince and William Blake joined in, everything warped out and became a romanticist's endless search for nothing.

The story was rewritten, putting the problem Prince into history and throwing the entire thing away. Then, it came - cha-cha-cha, shaking legs, Deleuze, and the Zen of playing J.S. Bach.

Obviously the story had to be rewritten again... and this is the fun of making cartoons. One can start from anywhere and proceed with almost no constraint. On the other hand, cartoon-making is a process which is supposed to be well-planned and highly organised. This rather experimental approach is made possible only [because] of the small team. Our team consists of less than twenty members (and we even develop our own software tool!) The significance of McDull, Prince de la Bun, if any, is such a little step from independent short animation to independent animation feature. And we wish this experience be shared.

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