WFAC - Waterloo Festival For Animated Cinema 2004 - October 27 - 30, 2004


Let's Have Meal Together

2003 - Japan - 11'23"
Japanese language dialogue with English subtitles
DoGA CGA Selection






Razania, a maid, is worried about her master's son Capuri, who is not interested in eating. He always leaves food on his plate, even though she cooks as best as she could. One day, three little monsters appear because her cooking smells so good. They look hungry, so Capuri gives them his food. They are happy with it and start to eat. Capuri sees the little monsters enjoy eating, which makes him change his mind - he starts to eat. Then, here comes Razania. She sees Capuri eating. She feels so happy and hugs him. Thanks to the little monsters' help, Capuri comes to enjoy eating.

Profile: Matsumura Mai

Ms. Matsumura was born in Japan on February 21st, 1979. When she was a child, she liked drawing and making handcraft arts. She entered Osaka University of Arts Visual Concept Planning Department in 1997. After she learned the basics of movies, she studied techniques of various animations such as paper animation, clay animation and CG animation. She became interested in making animation during her school years. Her graduation work "Egg" was presented with a prisident prize on campus, and won the 33rd DAS student design prize, image and photography section prizes.

Since her graduation in 2001, she has been making animations by herself, working part-time.

Festival participation

16th DoGA CGA Contest, Japan, 2004
4th Takarazuka Move Festival, Japan, 2004 - Sumireza prize, OB prize
Tokyo Video Festival, Japan, 2004 - outstanding work
Sinetoraibu 2003, Japan, 2003 - audience choice award
India / Week with the Masters Film Competition, 2003 - First Prize, Independent Production
NHK Digital Stadium 188th best selection, Japan, 2003

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