WFAC - Waterloo Festival For Animated Cinema 2004 - October 27 - 30, 2004


Hide and Seek

2004 - Japan - 25 mins - World premiere
Japanese language dialogue with English subtitles
© 2004, CoMix Wave
Special guests: MORITA Shuhei, SAJIKI Daisuke





Original script and animation

MORITA Shuhei, SAJIKI Daisuke

Artistic direction and character design

SAJIKI Daisuke


Even in a city as varied and busy as Tokyo, I wouldn't play hide-and-seek at night. If you don't take care, the demons will get you...

So begins this eerie tale of a young boy who dares to play this demonic game of hide-and-seek, in search of his sister who was lost in a similar game some time ago. The truth behind the game will haunt him forever.


Hide-and-seek is a game that everyone knows - an universal game spanning cultures and time. Now portrayed in an original way, full of angst and stark beauty, Kakurenbo is a very high-quality animation that recalls Voices of a Distant Star in its independence, but much more refined animation in its technical scope. The result is, without qualification for anime fans, a most interesting anime.


Established in 2003 by Morita Shuhei and Sajiki Daisuke.

In 1999, Mr. Morita and Mr. Sajiki were part of the founding of Kamikaze Douga, a group of independent creators who became very well known for 2D-like 3D animation. ioCl received the grand prize at WavyAward99, and Gasoline Mask was awarded at Sony DEP99. Other work include Rockman X7, Breath of Fire and in-game movies.

Profile - MORITA Shuhei

Born in 1978 in Nara. Graduated from Kyoto University of Art Design in 2001.

While in school, he started creating films. In 1999, he co-founded Kamikaze Douga. In 2000, he joined Studio 4C and worked there for two years where he was primarily in charge of CGI animation. In 2002, he directed and produced Mars Brat, written by Arthur C. Clark.

His MTV Station-ID Otokodate won the Bronze prize at 2001 PROMAX&BDA.; In 2003 he established YAMATOWORKS and began to create Kakurenbo, his first feature. In this film, he created the story, wrote the screenplay, directed, composed the storyboards, produced, and took charge of CGI animation and editing.

Profile - MORITA Shuhei

Born in 1976 in Kyoto.

Co-founded Kamikaze Douga in 1999, and beginning in 2000 he also spent two years at Studio 4C where he was mainly in charge of character design, background setting, and visual art. In 2003 he directed and produced Number 5, originally a comic book by Matsumoto Taiyo. Also in 2003, he joined Morita Shuhei to establish YAMATOWORKS. In Kakurenbo, he worked on character design and world background setting

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