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Schedule : Tidbits

Last Update: Apr 20 2003

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When it comes to films, it's quality and not quantity that determines its worth.

This year, we present works by Michael Dudok de Wit, an Oscar winning short-film director, a rare pair of Israeli films, as well as an amazing amateur production that represents the best of its class.

The Tidbits programme is unrated.

Tidbits: Short Films


Michael Dudok de Wit Retrospective

Tom Sweep
1992, 2 min 30 secs

The Monk and the Fish
1994, 6 min 20 secs

Father and Daughter
2000, 8 min 30 sec

Dialogue: None | Subtitles: English

Quick Overview - Michael Dudok de Wit Retrospective

Touching, moving, simple, enlightening. Everything you might expect from a short film. From the plight of a street sweeper, to a girl without her father, Dudok de Wit reveals some of life's biggest truths, joys, and sorrows.


More Precious Than Gold

2001, 6 minutes

Quick Overview - More Precious Than Gold

A merchant ship is attacked by pirates and all the goods are stolen. When all the other merchants are distraught, why is one man, an elderly scholar, so unperturbed? A Jewish folktale brought to life!


The Evil Wizard

2003, length 10 minutes

Quick Overview - The Evil Wizard

Long ago, villagers in the Holy Land were being frightened by an Evil Wizard. A Wise Man comes to teach them about the power of goodness, unselfishness and love and after a struggle, they defeat the Evil Wizard and learn that “when we are together, we can always win the victory over evil.”


Voices of a Distant Star

2000, 25 minutes
Dialogue: English | Subtitles: None

Quick Overview - Hoshi no Koe (Voices of a Distant Star)

In 2046, Mikako, a highschool girl and mecha pilot, travels through the solar system and beyond to fight a mysterious alien force. The battles, however, are not her (nor the film's) main concern. As the light-speed jumps take her further and further from home, her messages to Noburo, her Earth-bound boyfriend, take longer and longer to reach their destination. As it becomes months and years between messages, will their love survive?

An outstanding amateur production, conceived and created by a single dedicated artist.