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WFAC 2003 entries gain Annecy recognition (06/10/2021)

Two entries at WFAC 2003 have been awarded prizes at the renowed Annecy film festival, with four pieces exhibited.

First: Atama-Yama (aka "Mount Head" - Koji Yamamura, presented in the Tidbits programme) has earned the Annecy Cristal (Grand Prix Annecy) in the Short Films section.

In the Feature Films section, My Life as McDull took the Cristal for best feature film (Grand Prix Annecy), beating out The Legend of the Sky Kingdom.

In the Sneak Preview section, WXIII Patlabor was presented.

Our congratulations to all of the artists involved for their fine work!

Tell us how we did! (05/03/2021)

For those of you who've emailed us with your comments, thank you very much! For those of you who haven't, please let us know how we did, and whether you enjoyed WFAC 2003, either via email or in the WFAC forum.

If you have any thoughts about the films you saw and would like to pass on those thoughts to the producers/directors of the films, please jot them down in the forum. That's where the producers and directors will go and check for your opinions!

Festival report for day 4 (05/03/2021)

In the journal! Wonderful Days, Missing Persons, and lots more. Also: our thoughts about WFAC 2003, and a sneak preview at what to expect for WFAC 2004.

Festival report for day 3 (05/01/2021)

In the journal! You know where to find it. Read about our little misadventures, little triumphs, and Brent Dawes' presentation of The Legend of the Sky Kingdom.

Festival report for days 1 and 2 (04/25/2003)

In the journal! Read about it here!

Corto Maltese description now available (04/20/2003)

We were missing the entry in the Film and Schedule section - but no more. Have a look at the fascinating film.

Final guest confirmations (04/18/2003)

Just five days and counting until the festival begins! Now it's time to formally announce the guest list. We have a guest change as well.

Second: Mr. Marc Minjauw (executive producer, Pomalux) will be here to present the North American premiere of "Corto Maltese" at 9:30pm Thursday April 24th. The film is French language dialogue with English and German subtitles.

Because of a fortunate change in schedule, the animation director for "The Legend of the Sky Kingdom", Mr. Brent Dawes, will be able to come to the festival, taking Mr. Ewen Findlay's place. Mr. Dawes will be presenting a documentary on his film at the Symposium Cafe (yes, it's the Plantation... and yes, that's the one right across the corner from the Bank of Montreal in downtown Waterloo) at the Gala special presentation 9:30pm Friday April 25th.

Third: we're very pleased to announce that Mr. Youn Cheol Jeong (art director, Tin House), and Mr. Seung Youl Hyun (unit director, Tin House), will be here to present the world premiere of "Wonderful Days", which is screening at 10:00am Saturday April 26th. Don't sleep in. We're going to try to give this premiere the most advanced presentation it can have: digital from a cinema server. We'll also have a 35mm print on hand as a backup. The film is Korean language dialogue with English subtitles.

Last: Matt and Dan O'Donnell, our most steadfast guests, will be toting their film here in so many cool formats for us choose from, we're frankly giddy. We're trying to get the film shown from their original uncompressed digital archive - a whopping 720GB server. The film is English language dialogue.

Film Ratings finalised (04/18/2003)

The Ontario Film Review Board has graciously rated the films for us. Otherwise, we'd have been forced to classify all films 18+, and a couple of our volunteers wouldn't be able to see any films! Please see the film schedule for details.

A note about ordering (04/13/2003)

We've had a couple of questions about the security of ordering online, so we'll talk about how we do this. Rest assured that ordering tickets through the Box Office is as secure, if not more secure, than ordering from Amazon. Read the article to find out why.

Box Office Now Open! (04/06/2021)

Title says it all. Click here, or select the "Box Office" from the menu bar at the right of every page.

Latest Addition to the WFAC (04/06/2021)

The WFAC is pleased to announce that the deal has just gotten a little bit sweeter for festival passholders. On Thursday, April 25th, we will be hosting a premiere presentation of Corto Maltese - la cour secrète des arcanes (Corto Maltese - the Secret Court of Mysteries).

Read about this thrilling historical action-adventure film in the weekly journal.

Latest Guest Confirmation (04/06/2021)

The WFAC is pleased to welcome Mr. Ewen Findlay of Sunrise Production to the Festival. Based in Zimbabwe, Sunrise Production has just completed "The Legend of the Sky Kingdom", the first animated feature film from Africa.

Like the WFAC, "The Legend of the Sky Kingdom" was created from nothing except ideas and enthusiasm, by people new to the field. "Legend" is filmed entirely in stop-motion animation (a la "Chicken Run"), and just about all of the materials used are pieces of junk rescued from the junkpile. Even the camera system was jury-rigged. The film incorporates this unique African art style and conservationist sensibility into a non-stop, high-energy romp.

Mr. Findlay will present a documentary on the first animated feature film from Africa, "The Legend of the Sky Kingdom", during the Gala on Friday. Seating is extremely limited, and preference will be given to passholders. Come be among the first in the world to learn about this unique and exciting project!

Correction: Box Office Opens at 18:00 EST Today (04/06/2021)

As many of you have noticed, the box office did not open on March 31st, 2003. It will open tonight at 18:00 EST. We've been very anxious about not having the box office open on time. Oh, has it ever been frustrating ironing out the last bugs, while dealing with a host of other issues! This festival has been an eye-opening experience. We hope you like the films that are coming; that's what will make this all worthwhile.

The box office supports payment by VISA and Mastercard. Unlike previous years, we do not officially support Paypal and cheque payments this year because of the amount of time required to process these payments. If you do not have a VISA or Mastercard, and cannot reach the following stores to purchase your tickets, you may email us to make a special arrangement to purchase your ticket via Paypal.

In advance of the box office opening, here is the film schedule. Now you know when your films are playing, and what the suggested age rating is for each film.

Box Office opens March 31st! (03/23/2003)

The Festival box office will open March 31st, 2003! You will be able to purchase tickets, festival passes and film guides from the web site, quickly and securely using your VISA/Mastercard. Purchase in advance to reserve your seat at your favourite movies!

Spirited Away first ever anime to win an Academy Award (03/23/2003)

The Waterloo Festival for Animated Cinema would like to congratulate Mr. Hayao Miyazaki and all of the wonderful artists who brought Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi (Spirited Away) to life, and to Disney and Studio Ghibli for bringing this cinematic masterpiece to us. The film, which was shown in WFAC 2002, has been awarded an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film. We hope that the award will increase recognition for the power of animation in feature films.

The countdown to WFAC 2003 begins (03/16/2003)

The ticketing system (and therefore, the film schedule) will be online shortly. Another entry in the weekly journal, which talks about the finalisation of the Tidbits programme with three wonderful new shorts added... and an important (and disappointing) announcement about The Animatrix.

New Film Confirmed for WFAC Programme (03/11/2021)

We're pleased to confirm that Princess Arete will be making its North American premiere at the WFAC, joining other premieres such as Mari Iyagi, Missing Persons and Wonderful Days.

Schedule Refined (03/08/2021)

The programme listings have been updated! Film programme details and descriptions are now online.

Journal updated (03/08/2021)

The long-latent WFAC weekly journal has been updated, and a big one it is. Have a look in there for a look at what we've been up to, and a new film announcement.

Schedule Updated (03/05/2021)

Programme listings have been updated! Three programmes will be presented at the WFAC: Retrospective: Japan presents a set of Japanese films that illustrate the breadth and depth of the genre; Tidbits is a self-contained programme of award-winning short films; and the main part of the WFAC programme, World Cinema, presents films from around the world.

Forums Online (02/18/2003)

Ask questions, discuss movies, or just talk about animation on our brand new forums.

New Journal Entry (02/18/2003)

Get a partial list of our 2003 lineup, as well as some interesting behind-the-scenes info.

Mailing List Up! (02/07/2021)

To stay informed on the latest film confirmations, ticket prices, seating availability, and news, join our mailing list by sending a blankemail to wfac-announce-subscribe@wfac.ca.

Official Dates Announced (02/07/2021)

The WFAC is moving to April! Keep this month free in the future; this is where we're putting down our roots. The 2003 festival will be held on the following dates and locations:

April 23-24: Waterloo Galaxy Cinemas
April 25-26: The Princess Cinema

Schedules and ticketing information will be posted to the web site on March 3rd, 2003.

Call for Volunteers (02/07/2021)

Volunteers have always been an important part of non-profit organisations and, in a festival like this, volunteers are especially appreciated! The WFAC has a variety of volunteer positions available for those in the community who wish to make a difference and help promote animation as a valid form of high art. Those who are willing to participate, please Email WFAC for more information.

Website Opens! (02/07/2021)

WFAC, the Waterloo Festival for Animated Cinema, officially opens its web site today.
Although exact scheduling for the 2003 festival is not yet available, you can learn about WFAC's Goals, and learn about the films which we will be screening. WFAC 2003 will have a much larger lineup than past WFACs, including entries from Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Israel. We'll also be posting a weekly journal, where we might talk a bit about what's happening behind the scenes, discuss a film, or whatever catches our fancy.