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1998, 90 minutes, Presented in Japanese with English subtitles

A Story Overview [ From the official website ]

The story begins on the slopes of Mt. Ararat in Turkey, when an ARCAM investigation team disappears while making an awesome discovery. Engulfed by a landslide triggered by an object buried in the rock, the team is simultaneously torn asunder by a magnetic field of unprecedented magnitude... a field so powerful that it even destroys military satellites in orbit high above the Earth. The Ark of NOAH has been discovered, and now a race is on to see who will possess it! Quickly ARCAM and the US military are battling for the Ark's secret. ARCAM's trump card is their super-powered warrior agents, called Spriggans.

One Spriggan, a high school student named Yu Ominae is dragged into the fray. He makes his way to Turkey to confront the Pentagon's platoons. Of course, the Americans have super-soldiers of their own, including the human tank Fat-Man and the vicious Little Boy. The bullets are soon flying en masse, in what has become a holy war for the future of the human species.

Spriggan, the popular action-packed adventure by Hirotsuge Kawasaki, is the latest addition to the festival lineup. Kawasaki other works include key animation for Laputa, Akira and Ghost in the Shell. Spriggan is also produced under the supervision of Akira's own Katsuhiro Otomo.


Source Writer
KUNIAKI Haishima
HIROSHI Takashige

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