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2001, 124 minutes, Presented in Japanese with English subtitles

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(Introduction from Studio Ghibli)

Through the tunnel
There was a town of wonder.
It was an inconceivable place,
Where inconceivable things happened.

A world existed right next to the humans' world,
A world humans could never see.
Local gods and various lesser deities,
Goblins and monsters.
It was a hot springs town,
Where old gods came to heal their illness and wounds.

10 year-old Chihiro wanders into this world,
Where humans shouldn't enter.

Chihiro can only survive in this world if she accepts two conditions:
To work for Yu-baaba, an avaricious witch
Who rules the huge bath house at the center of the town.
And to be deprived of her name and become a non-human.

Chihiro lost her name, and began working under her new name, Sen.

In the town of surprise and wonder, Chihiro comes to know
A huge sense of helplessness... and a small amount of hope.

However, in this difficult world, she discovers many things,
And Chihiro becomes more lively than she ever was.

Kamajii, the boiler keeper with his rich life experience.
Rin, who teaches Chihiro the work at the bath house.
Susuwatari, who carry coal.
Bou, the son of Yu-baaba.
The god of the river, a refugee from the human's world, who is covered with trash and sludge.
Kaonashi, the masked man.
Zeniiba, the twin sister of Yu-baaba.

Unimaginable things keep happening.

Chihiro's sleeping "power to live"
Has gradually begun to awaken.

And Chihiro meets Haku, a handsome but mysterious boy.

The encounter of a boy and a girl, tied together by a promise.
With awakening memories,
They understand and help each other.

Can Chihiro take her name back,
And return to the humans' world....?


Anime Digital
Movie Freak


Chief Executive Producer
Original Story & Script
HAYAO Miyazaki
JOE Hisaishi


Chihiro's father
Chihiro's mother
RUMI Hiiragi
MIYU irino
YASUKO Sawaguchi

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